Fuel Application

Fuel Application

MicroX is a low-cost fuel and fuel additive that splash-blends into petroleum diesel, biodiesel, and renewable diesel. When blended into ULSD, MicroX improves fuel properties, lowers the carbon-intensity of blended fuel, and reduces NOx emissions up to 13% and particulate matter up to 57%.

With minimal additional equipment, MicroX technology can use a variety of feedstocks and enable fuel-producers to optimize for low-cost, localized, scalable production.

Our technology is simple, immediately effective, and easy to integrate into existing infrastructure, with product applications as either an EPA-registered fuel additive, or as a fuel application.

Sylvatex’s MicroX blendstock products offer greater flexibility for diesel-fuel producers and distributors to meet increasing EPA mandates for low-carbon-fuel while meeting customer demand for cleaner, greener fuels. In addition, Sylvatex products help to expand the ethanol-blend wall by opening the diesel-fuel market to alternative-fuel producers & distributors.

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