Sylvatex Team Recalls their Roots

University of Oregon is proud to support its alumniSylvatex CEO Virginia Klausmeier was recently featured in a profile in the University of Oregon alumni magazine.

Klausmeier attributes her entrepreneurial skills and scientific training to two big influences: the University of Oregon, and her father, who developed Sylvatex's patented clean fuel technology. “It almost takes two generations to think of an idea, develop the technology and get it to commercialization,” Klausmeier said. “The thing that’s driving me is having the opportunity to make such a big impact in the world.”

The article also highlights biochemist and University of Oregon alum Kristen Aramthanapon, who works closely with Klausmeier at Sylvatex: “We’re like sisters,” Aramthanapon said. “I run the R and D side, Virginia runs the business side and we split operations.”