Sylvatex Featured in Silicon Valley Business Journal

The Silicon Valley Business Journal recently dug deep into the business model and competitive advantages Sylvatex has developed to bring its patented micro-emulsion fuel to market.

They particularly emphasize that Sylvatex "eliminates large capital costs" with its plug-and-play distribution model. No costly new equipment or special pipelines necessary!

Additionally, they note that Sylvatex is highly adaptable because its technology works with a variety of feedstocks, cushioning it from market fluctuations. The article explains the business model Sylvatex uses, planning to ramp up from low-volume partnerships to larger-scale fuel blending at "integrated oil-refining companies" through licensing agreements.

Most heartening of all, the article points out that Sylvatex has the potential to "displace large amounts of foreign oil" from the diesel fuel market, essentially by replacing a portion of diesel consumption with ethanol.

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