Sylvatex Wins PortTechLA Awards

Once again, Sylvatex has been recognized for its ground-breaking clean diesel technology and rapidly scalable business model, winning two major awards September 14th at the 2nd Annual Port Tech Expo in Los Angeles.

Key maritime industry players and technology entrepreneurs met with leaders in finance and state and local government, presenting cutting-edge technologies and business concepts geared toward enabling ports around the world to meet immediate and future environmental, energy, security and logistics goals.

In a field crowded with talent and innovation, Sylvatex emerged the clear favorite, winning two of the four awards presented: "Most Innovative Technology" and "Company Most Likely to Acquire Financing."

This vote of confidence by key players in government, venture capital, technology and industry confirms that Sylvatex smart diesel technology is both ground-breaking and uniquely suited for rapid adoption across the industry.

About Sylvatex:
Sylvatex is an environmentally conscious petro-chemical company that provides the marketplace with a cost-saving, renewable diesel fuel. Sylvatex’s SmartFuel significantly decreases petro-diesel consumption by replacing > 40% of diesel fuel with readily available biomass-derived ingredients that ameliorate the cost of reducing carbon emissions.

Competitive Advantage: Sylvatex's drop-in solution has physical properties comparable to diesel fuel, and thus does not require any engine or infrastructural modifications. When scaled to market, Sylvatex SmartFuel is price competitive, and often hold an advantage over diesel and biodiesel market prices.

About PortTechLA:
PortTechLA is a public/private non-profit technology center and business incubator operated by a coalition consisting of the City of Los Angeles, the Port of Los Angeles and the San Pedro and Wilmington Chambers of Commerce.