Current Applications & Emissions Ratings


Refiners of Diesel and Biodiesel who integrate the Sylvatex micro-emulsion technology into their diesel production process, would meet California’s 2020 mandates for “low carbon fuels” (10% carbon reduction) and “renewable diesel fuels,” (2% minimum renewable content). Sylvatex fuel technology is lower in carbon (6-13% less) than ordinary diesel fuel. The Sylvatex platform for biodiesel contains only 67% carbon, 99% of which is renewable. Even the petro-diesel platform draws 32% of its carbon content from renewable sources.
Each micro-emulsion platform can be optimized to the production process of respective refineries, allowing a highly efficient production process for low-sulfur and low-emissions diesel; resulting in billions of dollars in annual savings in the US marketplace alone.

Most strikingly, the Sylvatex fuel blends significantly reduce NOx (3-13% less) and PM (36-78% less).  The impact on operating margins for big oil produces is therefore spectacular, as reducing particulate has become a limiting factor in refinery operational costs.

Our go-to-market strategy includes the next year (2012) of market validation to demonstrate to our potential licensees.  This does not include significant sales in the marketplace, but rather testing and verification on a larger scale, in order to facilitate a joint development agreement with a big oil producer.

To date, tests show that the fuel platform’s properties generally conform to ASTM standards for diesel fuel, with no signs of degradation or instability during storage or transport.

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