Proprietary Process

Sylvatex’s proprietary technology is a specific recipe and process for combining inexpensive vegetable-oil-based surfactants with “microbubbles” of water and ethanol to form a “microemulsion.”  It is the IP surrounding this “recipe” that is being brought to market for either a licensing, or joint venture, or M&A exit.

Tests have proven that when added to diesel fuels, this microemulsion technology significantly reduces air-polluting engine emissions, especially Particulate Matter (36-78% lower) and NOx (3-13% lower). The microemulsion platform is also safe for use in all diesel engines, with no modifications necessary.

The fuel platform works in both diesel and biodiesel fuels, because it adheres to the necessary physical spec (ASTM standards) of both fuel markets, and can be immediately dropped-into existing infrastructure.  The cost savings for oil producers in terms of OpEx & CapEx are staggering, due to the micro-emulsions ability to lower toxic emissions more economically than current refining processes.

Wherever emissions-reduction credit programs are in place, the micro-emulsion  will make fuel refining & disrtibution options cost-competitive. In fact, Diesel and bio-diesel fuels with the Sylvatex micro-emulsion are also lower in carbon than ordinary diesel fuel (6-13% less) and already meet California’s 2020 mandates for “low carbon fuels” (10% carbon reduction) and “renewable diesel fuels” (2% minimum renewable content).

Refiners will be able to meet the LCFS with the Sylvatex fuel platform, because we offer a more economical recipe for emissions reductions.

When used in conjunction with other emissions-reducing technologies (e.g. hydrodesulfurization at the refineries, or catalytic converters in the engine), the Sylvatex fuel platform yields even more dramatic reductions.