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Sylvatex Team Recalls their Roots

University of Oregon is proud to support its alumniSylvatex CEO Virginia Klausmeier was recently featured in a profile in the University of Oregon alumni magazine.

Klausmeier attributes her entrepreneurial skills and scientific training to two big influences: the University of Oregon, and her father, who developed Sylvatex’s patented clean fuel technology. “It almost takes two generations to think of an idea, develop the technology and get it to commercialization,” Klausmeier said. “The thing that’s driving me is having the opportunity to make such a big impact in the world.”

The article also highlights biochemist and University of Oregon alum Kristen Aramthanapon, who works closely with Klausmeier at Sylvatex: “We’re like sisters,” Aramthanapon said. “I run the R and D side, Virginia runs the business side and we split operations.”

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Less Venture Capital for Clean Tech? Not If You’re Smart…

A recent article in the San Francisco Business Times notes that although major VC firms are pulling back on investment in Clean Tech startups, there is still tremendous opportunity for startups that can deliver a faster ROI.

Sylvatex Co-Founder & CEO, Virginia KlausmeierWhile most Clean Tech startups have lofty long-term goals that require huge startup capital for the development of vast new infrastructure networks, companies like Sylvatex — “a smarter, leaner, second-generation cleantech startup” — are perfectly positioned to deliver the benefits of Clean Tech without the high upfront costs.

Not only is Sylvatex operating with incredibly low overhead, their underlying technology — “a drop-in renewable additive for diesel fuel that lowers the fuel’s emissions” — works perfectly well with all existing engines and distribution systems, so there’s essentially zero infrastructure investment necessary.

Read more here.

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VIDEO: Sylvatex Profiled by E2 Environmental Entrepreneurs

A new article and video from E2 Environmental Entrepreneurs profiles Sylvatex’s patented technology and plan for improving diesel emissions in California and around the world.

Read more about Sylvatex’s patented technology and the its origin story here on E2′s biofuel industry website Fueling Growth.

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Sylvatex Featured in Silicon Valley Business Journal

The Silicon Valley Business Journal recently dug deep into the business model and competitive advantages Sylvatex has developed to bring its patented micro-emulsion fuel to market.

They particularly emphasize that Sylvatex “eliminates large capital costs” with its plug-and-play distribution model. No costly new equipment or special pipelines necessary!

Additionally, they note that Sylvatex is highly adaptable because its technology works with a variety of feedstocks, cushioning it from market fluctuations. The article explains the business model Sylvatex uses, planning to ramp up from low-volume partnerships to larger-scale fuel blending at “integrated oil-refining companies” through licensing agreements.

Most heartening of all, the article points out that Sylvatex has the potential to “displace large amounts of foreign oil” from the diesel fuel market, essentially by replacing a portion of diesel consumption with ethanol.

Read more here.

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Sylvatex CEO at TEDxBayArea

December 1st, 2012, Sylvatex CEO Virginia Klausmeier was part of the roster of inspiring and innovative speakers at TEDxBayArea’s third annual “Global Women Entrepreneurs” event.

Ms. Klausmeier spoke about the strategic choices behind Sylvatex’s innovative technology and business model, as well as the personal path that forged her unwavering commitment to the company’s vision.

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Sylvatex Honored Among World’s Top 200 Green Innovators

Sylvatex has been named a “GoingGreen Silicon Valley Global 200 Winner” by contest sponsor AlwaysOn.

This esteemed group of world-leading greentech companies are “taking maturing greentech research and pairing it with innovative technology solutions to change the way we live our lives for the better” while simultaneously creating “viable business models for the green technology marketplace.”

Read more about the contest and selected innovators here.

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Sylvatex Named One of the “Hot Bio-Based Technologies to Watch”

“…imagine getting many of the advantages of biodiesel – a cleaner-burning fuel with renewable components, without having to make biodiesel.”

That’s how Biofuels Digest sums up our Smart Diesel in their piece on cutting-edge companies in the biofuels arena. Check out the full article here.

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Sylvatex on NPR

Sylvatex CEO Virginia Klausmeier has been featured in this NPR piece about Silicon Valley venture capital firms and their new focus on clean energy companies.Sylvatex on NPR

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Sylvatex CEO Among the Top 10 Women in Biofuels

Sylvatex Co-Founder and CEO Virginia Klausmeier has been featured in Greentech Media’s roundup of the ten most dynamic and ground-breaking women making an impact on the biofuels industry from leadership positions at innovative companies.

Read about these remarkable women and companies here.

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Investor Day

Sylvatex has successfully completed the three month program with GreenStart, and we are excited to say that we will be presenting our company, team & progress at Investor Day on December 8th, in front of over 100 VC and Angel Investors. We are excited to move forward into 2012, and solidify our success with a strategic partnership in the oil industry. Happy New Year everyone!