The Sylvatex Story

“Growing up in a heavily-polluted third world city — Bangkok, Thailand — my family and I experienced first-hand the dire consequences of our world’s dirty energy habits. When we moved back to the states, my father inspired me to follow in his footsteps, studying Chemistry so that I could understand the foundation of these complex energy and pollution problems.  We thought over the problem together for years, searching for a disruptive technology. To make the significant impact we dreamed about, any new technology would have to meet some very challenging criteria — primarily being immediately implementable and economically viable on a global scale. The last 15 years of my father’s life were spent developing exactly that technology for diesel and biodiesel fuel made from inexpensive, non-toxic, renewable ingredients. It is my duty to commercialize this technology, so it can benefit our planet and all of its people.”

- Virginia Klausmeier, CEO and Co-founder, Sylvatex Biofuels

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