About Us


Sylvatex technology solves complex fuel problems with innovative sustainable chemistry recipes.

Sylvatex Inc is a fuel technology company that has developed a unique recipe, with comprehensive IP surrounding it, that allows oil companies to reduce costs while producing a greener, cleaner diesel fuel.

Our technology is complementary to the diesel & renewable fuel space by a number of means, including a more cost effective production of low emissions petro-diesel due to the physical specs of our microemulsion, as well as the ability to use lower grades of ethanol, vegetable oil and the other ingredients of our recipe, to displace up to 43% of the petro-diesel consumed by an engine.

Lowers Costs:

  • Minimal changes required for processing, blending, and distribution
  • Flexible, low cost components that are not feedstock specific
  • Our customers will reach low carbon fuel specs for less cost, while using renewable carbon
Cleaner, Greener Fuel:
  • Biomass derived Flexibility in base fuel blending to meet increasingly stringent low-carbon standards
  • Strategic partners in diesel fuel distribution and biofuels industries (ethanol and biodiesel).
  • Our biomass-derived constituents will expand into a new diesel market, as Sylvatex injects their MicroX blendstocks into the petroleum sector.

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