Sylvatex is a green nano-chemistry company utilizing renewable non-toxic inputs to create a nanoparticle that can be used in multiple applications.

Cost-effective. Easy to implement.

Sylvatex products use low-cost inputs for all our applications including fuel additive and alternative fuel products. The simple splash-blending process that creates our micro-blend fuel enables production at scale with existing infrastructure and minimal capital investment.

Carbon Light

Our products are made from a variety of renewable components that can be locally sourced, resulting in a carbon-light product.

Nanoscale. Superior Performance.

Our proprietary nanoparticle system changes how component such as water and oil interact, and has broad applications including synthesis of nano-scale materials, a reaction medium, and a delivery mechanism for oxygenates or other active materials.

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Sylvatex was named one of the 40 Hottest Emerging Companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy, 2016-17.The rankings for this. ..


Sylvatex featured in Ethanol Producers Magazine

Ethanol Producers Magazine, the ethanol industry’s premier trade journal, has featured Sylvatex in its December print issue. In. ..


Sylvatex won 3rd Place in the Bio-Based Chemical Innovation of the Year Awards

Sylvatex recently attended the annual Bio-Based Live! event organized by Bio-Based World News in San Francisco where winners. ..

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