Sustainable, Scalable, Low-Cost Fuel Technology

Sylvatex is a fuel technology company that has developed a cost-effective platform for  incorporating renewable components into diesel and biomass-based diesel.

When blended with diesel and biomass-based diesel, Sylvatex’s proprietary MicroX blend-stocks produce cleaner-burning micro-blend fuels that can be produced at scale using existing infrastructure.

Sylvatex has won numerous awards at industry conferences and venture funding competitions, including Silicon Valley LAUNCH and PortTechLA, as well as funding and support through San Francisco’s Greenstart accelerator program.  Please review our recent successes in our news section as well.

Dramatic Production Savings

The OpEx & CapEx for petro-diesel production has become cost-prohibitive for oil producers due to the requirements for lower and lower sulfur, NOx, CO2 and other emissions mandates.  Sylvatex technology allows refiners to achieve low sulfur levels in diesel for much less of the cost required by refining processes, thereby dramatically improving the operating margin for diesel producers, while facilitating the production of a more economical, cleaner & greener diesel.

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Drop-in & Ready to Roll

The major components of Sylvatex platform are abundant, renewable, and non-toxic.  Our MicroX technology is simple-to-use, compatible with existing diesel engines, and — at scale — will cost less than comparable base fuels.

Our customers will be able to immediately drop the Sylvatex platform into their existing infrastructure without any complications, lowering their costs while distributing a more economical and lower-carbon fuel blend.